Plans & Pricing

About DedFiberCo

DedFiberCo is a privately held organization in Wilmington, DE

The parent company of DedFiberCo ( Dedicated Fiber Communications, LLC ) has been involved in providing quality internet access and hosting services since 2002.

At DedFiberCo, the customer is always first and value means more than just low prices. Our great support, the latest technology, the best network, the amazing self-support tools available in Customer Portal, everything we do is tailored to add value to our service offering. We realize that there are many choices available when shopping for Colocation, Dedicated servers or Virtual private servers and we greatly appreciate each and every client. Thank you for your interest in our past, present and future. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Key Features of DedFiber

Top Tier Network

Take advantage of our super-fast, high capacity network, which connects your server to the Internet at lightning speeds.

  • Multiple 10Gbps Fiber Uplinks
  • 10Gig-E Internal Network
  • Gig-E Port Standard on Every Server

Customized Support

Whether you prefer a self-managed server or require full server management, we've got you covered.

  • IPMI Remote KVM Console Standard
  • Real-Time Bandwidth Usage Graphs
  • Tech Support When You Need It - 24x7

High Speed Servers

Why settle for an old, out-dated server? At DedFiber, we offer the latest hardware at a price you can afford.

  • Single or Dual Intel Xeon CPU's
  • Configurations up to 256GB RAM
  • SSD or Hard Disk - The Choice is Yours